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Episode 8 – Who Dares Wins Part 2

Paddy Mayne, the second CO of 1 SAS, taking over from David Stirling at the conclusion of the Northern Africa campaign. He was an enigma of a man.  On one hand he was a ruthless killer, an awful bully, and a hopeless alcoholic who was able to lead his men fearlessly into combat over and over again.

On the other, he was a shy, awkward, depressed guy that loved James Joyce novels and tending his rose garden.

Episode 7 – Who Dares Wins Part 1

This episode is about the origins of the SAS in the African theatre of WW2. It’s a two parter, with the first section featuring the founder of the regiment, Lieutenant Colonel David Stirling. Stirling was a privileged, quasi aristocratic young man that managed to get himself in command of one of the roughest units in the British armed forces.  Episode marked as explicit due to violence.

Episode 6 – Tecumseh

Tecumseh was a great pan tribal Native American chief that led an armed resistance to the United States invasion of his lands. He was a warrior, a general, a community leader and allegedly one of the greatest orators that ever lived. My primary source for this episode was Tecumseh by John Sugden. Music at the top of the episode is Spiritual Songs And Dances Of The Native American Indians  ℗ 2003 Grammercy Records

Episode 2 – Smokey Yunick

Prowling the NASCAR pits with a corncob pipe, cowboy hat and decked head to toe in white overalls, Smokey Yunick and his very southern manner of speaking left a huge impact on American motorsport. Not content with being a brilliant engineer, he was a racer, an aviator, a war hero, a smuggler, an inventor, and possibly the greatest cheat in the history of organized sport.